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Banking for a Better World

In 2016, Nanno Kleiterp and Marijn Wiersma wrote “Banking for a Better World” (Amsterdam University Press). “Banking” and “a better world” are not often associated with one another, and yet this book argues that the latter will require the former. In examining the challenges the world currently faces in reducing poverty and inequality, addressing climate change, and safeguarding biodiversity, this book highlights the changing responsibilities of businesses, governments, financial institutions, and civil society. It also details the crucial role that development banks can play as catalysts for sustainable development.

Interested? Please find the free version of our book here.

The SOS guide to common workplace boobytraps

Lidewij Wiersma, Chantal Korteweg, Tessel van Willigen and Marijn Wiersma are currently writing the book ‘The SOS survival guide to common workplace boobytraps’.

The book addresses twenty topics suggesting why we are where we are in terms of gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Because it is often easier to identify problems than it is to solve them, we don’t stop at identifying the hurdles but also give practical, pragmatic, researched and experience based suggestions on how to change.

We frame our solutions using the SOS framework: (1) Self: what can you do yourself, (2) Others: how can others help you and how can you help others and, (3) System: how the system and the (unwritten) rules should change.

Interested? You’ll have to be patient as our book is not yet published. However, you can get a sneak preview by watching our short promo video that introduces the book idea as well as the authors. Or read an edited version of our chapter on Guilt, recently published by Harvard Business Review.

We are on the journey to getting our book published, so keep an eye out for our SOS survival guide!