Do you feel overwhelmed in your pursuit of a better world? Would you like to master the art of public speaking in all situations? Have you decided to pursue the sustainable business pathway with your company, yet wonder how to proceed?

I invite you to explore your next steps through a series of courageous coaching conversations.


Do you dream of telling an inspiring and believable story? Do you wish to redesign the way you organize your events? Are you ready to make your programs fit for purpose, effective and a lot more fun?

I offer ideas, inspiration and if needed execution to tell your story, reshape your event or run a program design sprint in a compelling manner.


Would you like to make long lasting change happen? Do you find it challenging to envision the impact you may have? Are you looking for impactful projects, partnerships and clients?

By offering unforeseen perspectives, I will accompany you, your team or your organization towards making positive change a given.


The aim of Incredible Impact is to unlock the potential of female leaders and female entrepreneurs in service of a better world. I believe that enhancing female leadership and unlocking the female market, will benefit society as a whole. Seldom has the need for exemplary, outstanding and good leadership been greater.

Global governance is crumbling, planetary boundaries are reaching irreversible dimensions, our health and food security systems are buckling, and social and political polarization is peaking around the world. Research has firmly established that gender diversity improves the quality of our global decision making.

Our world needs gender balanced, courageous and caring leadership, today perhaps more urgently than ever. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals who wish to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making.


More women in leadership positions and governance structures leads to more balanced, inclusive and long-term oriented decisions, which consider a broader set of perspectives.


Unlock the potential of female leaders and female entrepreneurs in service of a better world.


Courage. Collaboration. Compassion.

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