Our team

Marijn Wiersma
Chief Belief & Founder

As a corporate anthropologist, Marijn inspires people with her vision for a better world. She is passionate about, and stubbornly committed to, solving world problems by unlocking the potential of women, ensuring that they get access to finance and seats at decision making tables. Marijn is an ESG expert, has co-authored the book ‘Banking for a Better World, is a gifted storyteller, facilitator of powerful female leadership programs and has made a docuseries of female role models from the financial sector globally. She has coached numerous executive women worldwide.


Souad El Amraoui
Impactful Intern

Souad is Italo-Moroccan, and based in London. She has recently graduated in International Relations and Politics from London Metropolitan University. Souad is passionate about working to create a world that is more equal and just for women of all ages. Her vocation was inspired by her visits to Morocco as a young child, where she witnessed the systematic disadvantages that women in that country suffer from. After studying Human Sciences for her high school diploma, and International Relations for her university degree, she has only become more determined to fight social and gender inequality.


People I like to work with


Marieke is a purpose driven ESG professional with almost 20 years of experience in sustainable finance and E&S risk management. She is passionate about building a green economy and thrive on working with others to create positive impact. While tackling challenges at a strategic level, her focus on tangible results keeps her grounded in local and operational realities. As a connector, she brings together different cultures, disciplines, and points of view, and excels in building long-lasting relationships.



Nanno served as CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of FMO – The Dutch Development Bank from 2008-2016. FMO is the largest bilateral DFI in Europe. During his distinguished career at FMO, Mr. Kleiterp also served as Chief Investment Officer and Chief Financial Officer. In 2016, together with Marijn Wiersma, he published the book ”Banking for A Better World” (Amsterdam University Press), which lays out the case for sustainable investments in developing countries and the role of Development Finance Institutions.



Heleen is a registered mediator specialized in employment and collaborative issues, and a PhD researcher in socially responsible business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She brings people and organizations with different ideas and interests together, to explore mutually supported resolutions. Heleen has a legal background and professional experience in corporate social responsibility, business & human rights, mediation, and stakeholder dialogue. She has a history of working in and collaborating with civic & social organizations.



As an agile master mind and change management expert, Diana has unshakeable faith in people’s potential. She is an articulate communicator who builds consensus through listening and knows how to rally a team around a common goal. She places a high premium on team work which she believes is the bedrock for turning any strategy into operational and financial success. She has a solid back ground in strategy execution, operational excellence and customer centric service delivery with a clear understanding of the commercial banking value chain and the current FinTech evolution.



Marijn is warm, wise and impactful.

“Marijn contacted me asking if I would feature in a series of documentaries on female role models in the financial sector. During the process of making the documentary I got to know Marijn as warm, wise and impactful. Her experience, dedication and passion for female leadership, female entrepreneurship and access to finance for women are inspiring.”

Kshama Fernandes – CEO Northern Arc. Chennai, India.

Marijn brings female bankers and female entrepreneurs together.

“It was during a bus ride to a dinner, at the Global Banking Alliance for Women’s annual meeting in Sao Paulo, that we started talking. That conversation led to us organizing a female focus on financial inclusion leadership program in Zambia. Bringing female bankers and female entrepreneurs together proved to be an effective catalyst for change and Zambian banks have become much more effective in creating access to finance for women. “

Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula – Former Deputy Governor Central Bank. Lusaka, Zambia.

I have loved every second of our precious coaching time.

“Marijn has walked with me on my professional journey over the past year as I have been orchestrating the transition into the ‘third act’ of my career. Her warm, supportive and structured coaching style has helped me to reflect deeply, challenge my assumptions and distil my skills, experiences and preferences into a vision for the future that I feel confident to set into motion. I have loved every second of our precious coaching time together.”

Jen Braswell – Director Value Creation Strategies, CDC. London, United Kingdom.

I have acquired a lifetime lesson.

I was at a crossroads in my life, when I approached Marijn, asking for help to express an unusual request to our top management. We critically analyzed my case, build various scenarios, and counterarguments, and together developed a narrative that would support my upcoming negotiation. I have no doubt that I have acquired a lifetime lesson – for these kinds of high-level requests, it is a must to come prepared.”

Clarisse Ingabire – Livestock Specialist, FAO. Rome, Italy.

The person who introduced me to the world of sustainability.

Marijn was the person who introduced me to the world of sustainability: green financing, social responsibility and women leadership. I always say she has an extraordinary gift: she can read women´s hearts and bring the best out of everyone. She inspires through meaningful conversations and storytelling events, empowering us, helping us discover our potential, transforming the way we see ourselves.”

Karla Icaza – Writer & Chief Corporate Governance Grupo Promerica. Managua, Nicaragua.