This is an invitation to zoom out in order to envision and implement the positive impact you may have by making your business more inclusive, sustainable or circular.

Gender Finance

Can you imagine the incredible impact of creating access to finance for women? Servicing women is a clear business opportunity and will grow your market share. Women are more responsible borrowers, have lower non-performing loans and are better savers than men. I offer my expert advice on gender finance – so you can start supporting the growth of women-owned businesses.

Climate Finance

Are you curious how to build new business models that makes old models obsolete? Would you like to embrace circularity and remain profitable? Are you ready to stop running down this planet, to stop thinking we can only do this slowly and to start believing transformation is possible? Let’s explore your purpose, networks, governance, ownership and finance structures to ensure they respect planetary boundaries and redefine human prosperity. We will be inspired by the concept of the circular economy as well as innovative work on the gender and climate nexus: while women are often disproportionally affected by climate change (climate vulnerability) they can, and do, play a critical role in our response to changing environmental circumstances (climate leadership).

Sustainable Finance

You view addressing environmental and social risks and good corporate governance as core to your business. Yet you wonder if you are capturing the ESG opportunities, if your ESG team is thriving and delivering their best work and if your board is effectively engaging the organization as well as external stakeholders. By accompanying your ESG team and your board we can co-create ESG investments, systems and partnerships, and help you pursue your journey of contributing to a sustainable legacy for both current and future generations.