Today I wish to share this incredibly beautiful, inspiring and touching e-mail I received from Kshama Fernandes, CEO of Northern Arc in India.

“When I was born,  I was the daughter my parents craved for

When my brother was born, I became a sister to him

When I got married, I became a wife

When I had children, I became a mother

When my niece was born, I became an aunt

Someday I will become a grandmother


In the changing kaleidoscope of roles I’ve played in life

The one I’ve cherished most – is that of a friend

A friend to my parents (who keep insisting I grow up but are really glad I never did)

A friend to my brother (despite the fact that I’ve bullied him all his life)

A friend to my then husband (I ceased to be his wife, but continued being his best friend)

A friend to my sons (I hope I will always be so)

A friend to my niece (who recently taught me how to air board although I’ll never be as good as her at it)

A friend someday to my grandchildren (I have so many stories to tell them…)

And really – a friend to anybody who will have me for a friend


A friend is like a full stop, a period “. ”

Nothing more and nothing less

A friend is just simply  – a friend

A friend is never a woman or a man

A friend is the armor we all need in life

Wear it when needed, and set it aside when not

Always handy the next time round

In my world of finance, a friend is an “option” with a non-linear payoff

A limited downside and an unlimited upside

And that’s the role I cherish the most


Today – I wish you a friend!”